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I’m Tan Mall. I know how to crunch the numbers to make smart decisions about a company’s finances.

You’ll want my 3¢ on your business too.

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You’re a hard-working CEO who just doesn’t have enough time to get your company’s finances in order.

Every morning, your schedule gets flooded with tasks. Meetings, emails, and plans pile up nonstop. So many decisions to make, from big to small.

You’re having a tough time keeping track of money coming in and going out. Cashflow issues are piling up, you’re incurring debt, and your shareholders and partners are growing impatient.

Your stress levels climb as you try to find a solution. You spend hours poring over financial statements and complex spreadsheets, but the numbers seem to blur together. The weight of the financial management burden is taking a toll on you.

You need a partner that can help get this under control.

TAN’S 3¢

If you want to cross the river, you must befriend the alligator.

TAN’S 3¢

Put your bread in the water and you will find it again after many days.

TAN’S 3¢

A rusted coin still has value.



I identify payroll partners that get you the most bang for your buck.

Accounts Payable

I stretch cashflow in creative ways to make your money go further.

Accounts Receivable

I implement programs to get you cash earlier.


I develop succinct reports that help you clearly see the overall financial picture of your business.

Benefits Handling

I identify benefits partners that bring you maximum cost savings.

401K Management

I liaise between your 401K provider and your employees to ensure funds are properly handled and remitted.


I reduce paperwork and report properly to government agencies.

Policies & Procedures

I create policies for the safety of your company and your employees.

Business Insurance

I find the most efficient and competitive coverages for your company.

Project Management

I oversee projects to completion on time and on budget.

Contractor Negotiation

I negotiate with your contractors and subcontractors to find mutually beneficial terms.

Trust Services

I set up revocable and irrevocable trusts to provide protection for your assets.

Past & Present relationships

About Tan

Looking over Tan Mall’s shoulder as he fills out a formLooking through a doorway at Tan Mall writing at his desk

I’m Tan Mall, an experienced financial leader with a background of 40 years in accounting, working in various industries. I’ve had a successful history as a CFO, Vice President, and Controller. I can help you improve your business by bringing in fresh ideas and impressive financial success.

After graduating from Rockland Community College in 1984, I joined the accounting department of Peralta Shipping Corporation as an accounting clerk. I was promoted to a full charge bookkeeper within a year, all while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting through evening studies. (I completed my degree online in 1995 and eventually went on to earn a Masters in Management and Accounting in 2005.)

In 1986, I found a new opportunity as an Assistant Controller with a company that manufactured prosthetics in Harlem, NY. After dedicating a few years to that role, I transitioned into the position of Business Manager at a political magazine also based in NYC.

I moved to Philadelphia in 1990 and started working at Clean Rental Uniforms as a temporary employee but quickly moved into a permanent bookkeeping role. During my time there, I introduced computerized accounting to replace the manual methods the company was using, streamlining our financial processes. The company was under the leadership of a semi-retired president, and day-to-day operations were overseen by the Vice President (who also happened to be the President’s son). Seeing an opportunity to cut costs, I reevaluated our business insurance, leading to a substantial $50,000 reduction in expenses. Additionally, I championed the creation of a safety committee, which not only boosted employee satisfaction but also decreased workers’ compensation expenses by an additional 5%.

In 2005, I was promoted to the position of Controller, and, in 2010, I took on the roles of CFO and Vice President. I established comprehensive policies for accounts receivable and accounts payable, reinforcing the company’s internal control framework. I introduced innovative cash flow management strategies, including implementing credit card purchasing, which brought in significant discounts and enhanced the company’s financial flexibility, resulting in savings ranging from $20,000–$30,000. Through collaborative efforts with a dedicated team, we managed to increase the company’s revenue by an impressive $7 million. My responsibilities also extended to overseeing various building and marketing projects, where I skillfully negotiated with contractors and subcontractors to optimize project outcomes.

My focus on building strong relationships across departments and among employees fostered a culture of cooperation and unity within the company. This played a pivotal role in facilitating the successful sale of the company in 2021.

In 2021, the President of Clean Rental Uniforms and I co-founded a new company. I served as CFO until March 2023, when I decided it was time to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey.

With my diverse expertise spanning these various areas, I am confident that my experience can make a significant contribution to your company, positioning me as a valuable collaborator within your senior management team.


3¢ Accounting

The best time to get your books in order was two years ago.

The second best time is today.

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